Raw Suri Fleece – White Fine/Medium 34 cm


Long and soft suri fleece. Raw fibre. Fine/Medium micron. Combed length 34 cm.


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This fleece is fine/medium micron and is soft. Is has good independence so there is little wastage during sorting. In the lock, it is more lofty (airy) than traditional heavy suri, but once washed and combed has good drape and weight. It is sound, with almost no loss during combing, although some ends are tender. Has less lustre than average suri.  Ideal fibre for doll’s hair. Also suit spinning from the lock, dyeing, weaving and felting.  Staple length after processing and combing 34 cm. 100g packs.


About alpacarama products

The focus of alpacarama is to produce and promote handmade product from the fleece grown by our suri alpacas on our farm in the Strathbogie Tablelands in North Central Victoria, Australia.  Wherever possible, the products on this site are from our farm, our neighbouring farmers and local processors.  With over 1000 alpacas just on our farm, that is a lot of fibre!  So, via this on-line store, we can provide all those talented spinners, felters and textile artists with a range of alpaca fibre products to add their next project.  We will continue to add product to the site, but please contact us if you need something in particular, or would like to reserve special fleeces that sell out quickly.  We can also custom dye, spin and knit as required.

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