Boutique Mill Suri Yarn – 3 Ply


Silky suri yarn grown in Strathbogie and processed in a boutique alpaca fibre mill.

Ivory. Black.

3 ply.  100g.

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Fleece from our suri alpacas is shorn, classed and sorted and then sent to one of the Australian boutique mills set up to process alpaca into exquisite yarns. Alpaca can often be worn by those allergic to wool as it has a lower scale fibre and no lanolin in the fleece. This fibre has been de-haired as part of the processing and should therefore have no prickle factor.

Suri is a very soft, silky, heavy yarn, suitable for lacework, babywear and projects which require drape.  Particularly suited to weaving.  Suri yarn does not have a lot of memory, so can tend to drop if the knitting pattern does not have a lot of structure.

Available in ivory and black.

Approx. 3 ply.  Skeins 100g.



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